The incessant exposure of Asian culture really makes everything saturated with Asian stuffs too, and it means in a good way! Say it: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean waves of culture have become part in our daily lives. Their music, TV series, and heaps of rising idols are our ultimate sources of entertainment. When it comes to entertainment, artists – or in Korean culture they have idols, make-up is something inseparable. The Asian culture lovers are head over heels to this kind of make-up too and even try to copycat. However, for ones non-Asian, eyes make-up may become a great deal. How to make your eyes look Asian?

Are you interested in playing with eye shadows and other make-up stuffs to make your eyes look Asian? With make-up, you can do it for your eyes the amazing way. There are several other tricks too.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Asian: No Surgeries Needed!

These days, cosmetic surgery has been used widely for a plethora of purposes. You can reshape your face, altering a bit of your nose, or making your lips plump – all you can do under the mighty surgical knife. Of course, this too will apply for eyes. You may have heard about South Korea as the nation ranked first for the use of cosmetic surgery. Do you know what majority of South Koreans try to enhance? It’s their eyelids!

You may have those double eyelids South Koreans are dreaming of, but that still don’t stop you from craving for a pair of Asian-looking eyes. You may want to look beautiful like one of your idols; no one will blame you for that. Well, good news for you, you can get those Asian-like eyes without needing to pay much money to get yourself ‘fixed’ with the help of those surgeons.

To get those Asian looks, one thing you may try is by applying make-up. But to do it well, you will need extra effort to excel in it. Practice and practice until you are good with it. Next, you can also get those natural Asian eyes looks simply by applying contact lenses. You know – Asians are commonly those with dark colored eyes. If you are someone without those dark irises, probably contact lenses are your match. Plus, you can make your eyes rounder with this tip as well.

Are There Other Tricks Easier Than Makeup to Make Asian Eyes?

Unfortunately, there are no natural ways to make your eyes rounder, dark-colored, and have monolids (if you are trying to get those). Unless you want to look beautifully slim like – let’s say Girls Generation’s Yoona, Asian-like eyes are not that kind of look you can change with months of dieting and doing exercise. So, ‘how to make your eyes look Asian’ can only be answered with some temporary tricks, and of course, this includes eyes make-up as the game changer.

Other than applying the right shades on your eyelids, as well as planning on the use of matching contact lenses, you may come with a play of eyeliners. Maybe many of you think that this is part of make-up too, but you actually can skip applying shades if you feel that is not your cup of tea. Instead, you can start drawing your eye line and shape it as if you are a true Asian.

Another quirky, yet somehow working trick is by attaching face lift tape. Using this face tape to create an instant, yet cheaper and indeed non-surgical look is actually an old practice to shape your face into the features you want. Although impermanent, you will love the result once you get it right attached on your eyes. Combined with eyelid shading, Asian eyes look will be yours!

Getting into It: Making That Asian Eyes with Makeup

Enough chitchatting, let’s get to the main deal: how to make your eyes look Asian. First, we’ll cover how to get the look through applying eye makeup.

Korean and Japanese eye make-up tends to emphasize a natural look which is light, and this kind of make-up is more visible in Korean eye make-up. The use of light pink, the rose gold, beige, and copper colors are often used in their daily make up. But does this make-up suit Westerners facial features with big eyes and flat-openings?  Pretty much yes, and that’s how to get closer to that Asian-like eyes. To get some insight on how to apply copycat Asian make-up, below are the tricks on how to make your eyes look Asian.

  • First, you will need to apply eye shadow, which shade color is similar and/or around your true skin tone (or foundation). Asian make-up tends to play around those aforementioned colors, and they don’t have only one shade to play with. You can do the same (not only using one shade) too.
  • Next, apply your eye shadow, starting from the lightest shade first on the farthest eyelid from the lash line. So, as you get closer to the lash line, your eye shadow color should get darker. Keep in mind that you need to use the similar hued darker shade. This will make gradient shade on your eyes, which will copy those Asian beauties.

More, More Eye Make-up: Delving Deep (Cont’d)

Other than those two, what can you do to enhance the Asian look on your eyes? As earlier mentioned, you can get the eyeliner creases, wearing the contact lenses, as well as putting on make-up. Two tricks have been mentioned in the previous subheading.

Continued from the previous subheading, below are the tricks how to boost that Asian-like eye looks:

  • Put on white highlighter or shimmer on the eye corner (tear ducts) area. This trick will get your eyes wider.
  • If you are trying to copy Korean style make-up, you should know this term ‘aegyo sal’ which refers to those underline eyebags. To bring this to your look, you can create the fake ones too. Put on brownish shade and complement it with peach or white highlight.

What if you already have eyebags to start with? Well, you can just shimmer it with white or peach shade – but don’t overdo it.

As we all know (and mentioned before), face lift tape can be a solution to the question ‘how to make your eyes look Asian’. But then, you may wonder how to do it. It is basically simple and does not require you much effort. The rule of thumb for this trick is to make your eyes look sharp and fresher.

In order to do that, first prepare your face lift tape. Then, attach the tape onto the skin around your eyes’ outer corners. This way, your eyes will be slightly dragged up, creating a sharper impression just like Asian eyes in common.

The other upsides with this trick are that it will help you to hide wrinkles hence making a younger and fresher look become all yours; plus making your eye bags less visible. So, if you are trying to add aegyo sal to your make up plan, you should add more highlight to emphasize it.

Bringing the Asian Look with Contact Lenses and Eyeliner

Then, if you wonder how to apply your eyeliner to get that Asian look, below is how to do it.

  • For almond-shaped or narrow-shaped eyes, try to make cat eyes eyeliner style. No need to make a big flick in your outer eyelid, you can just simply make a simple flick as long as the crease is visible.
  • If you got a pair of downturned eyes, make a triangular shape on the outer eyelid corner after lining the eyelid and drawing a cat-eye flick.

If you decide to choose contact lenses with dark color as your trick to get the Asian eyes, you should choose the lenses which suit your eyes. This will include how much the moisture your contact lenses should have. The more water content it has, the more suitable it is for sensitive eyes.

You can also pick the bigger lenses diameter for more cutely dramatic round eyes. However, if you don’t feel like this will suit you, it is alright to go with a natural diameter. Remember to store the contact lenses in the contact lenses solution, not in mere water just to wet them.

Making the Eyes Look like Asian: The Conclusion

To sum up, there are tricks to make your eyes look like Asian. The tricks will not be the permanent solution to create that Asian look on your eyes. Also, for the ultimate, maximum Asian-like eyes, it is better to accustom yourself with applying make-up as aforementioned. The make-up itself is made through applying several colors by making it into gradient. Then, you can spice up the look by adding eyeliner and highlighter to make that aegyo sal if you like to make it. Dark-colored contact lenses to can work well to make your eyes look like Asian, combined with all of those tricks. Lastly, as an easy thing to answer ‘how to make your eyes look Asian’, you can benefit from face lift tape too.