Many women often ask about how to layer short hair. Layering short hair is considerably more difficult, but it is still doable. Usually, people who want a layer in their short hair feel a little bit reluctant to go to salon because they know there will be only a very few and little trimmings necessary. Going to salon will certainly waste the money and instead, they prefer to do it at home.

So, can you really cut your own short hair into layers? Well, you surely can. Read the information below to make sure you know exactly what to do and what to expect when doing DIY hair layering for your short hair. Everything you need to know is going to be explained and shown below. It will help you doing the DIY hair layering on your own.

How to Layer Short Hair at Home?

Layering your short hair at home is possible. You can do it very easily as long as you know how. Before getting the hair cut, you need to prepare the hair and all tools at home. Below is the information of what to prepare.

  1. What to Prepare?

To prepare the DIY hair layering, you need to get a hair scissors. You can do this with a regular scissors. However, hair scissors are easier to handle when doing the hair layering and they are considerably sharper as well. Also, prepare some hair bands/ hair elastic and also do not forget to do this in a well-lit area with mirror.

  • The Look to Achieve

Usually, when doing DIY hair layering for short hair, the eventual look is going to be either pixie or very short bob. Either would be fine as long as you like short hair and you want the layers to look visible.

Sectioning the Hair

The next step on this how to layer short hair step-by-step is sectioning the hair. When you have short hair, you need to divide the hair into several parts. It helps creating the layers and prevent you from giving the hair a boring-looking, too even cut along the head. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Making the Top Box

The first thing you need to do here is making the top box. Comb the top part of your hair and then tie a knot of it using a rubber band or hair elastic. It will keep the top of the hair safe from any trimming and become the outer part of the layers.

  • Dividing the Hair into Two Parts

For the rest of the hair, divide them into two part: one on the side of the head and one on the back of the head.

Trimming the Hair

Now comes the most intimidating yet exciting part, trimming the hair. Trimming the hair will most definitely help creates the layers and make the hair looks absolutely stunning. To trim the hair, you need to follow these steps to make sure it is done well.

  1. Trim the Tip Box

By the end of the sectioning, your hair will be fully knotted into three parts and eventually three layers. Now, let down the tip box (the top knot) and start trimming its edge. Do this carefully and cut an even layer.

  • Trimming the Side

Start trimming the side of the head. The layers on the left side of the head and the right side should be even. Try not to cut the hair in angles to avoid uneven look of the finishing product. After this trimming, usually the layers will be visible.

The Finishing Touch

After finishing trimming the hair, you need to do the finishing touch. First, wash the hair once again entirely. It is going to remove all the small cuts and bits of hair that may make you itchy soon after. Then, you need to make sure that you use conditioner to make the hair nice and moist. Conditioner will also help the hair to look healthier, even though it is short.

The next step is to blow dry the hair. Blow drying the hair is going to enhance the look of the layers. The layers will look visible and noticeable after this step. Use a simple hair dryer and then start blowing the hair from the side part of the head to the top. Then, use a comb or your fingers to separate the layers. That is basically how to layer short hair all alone at home.